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SCAPA is a NO-kill, NO-cage animal shelter serving the Bay St. George area of Western Newfoundland. SCAPA survives solely on the support of the community and it's volunteers.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

So Much To Catch Up On: Part 1

Love Is In The Air

With the warmer weather seems to come increased adoptions and, unfortunately, increased drop-offs. Here are a few of our recent adoptions:

Hobo (now Diago) is in a wonderful new home with 2 doggie brothers, a large, fenced in back yard and 2 parents who love him tremendously!

Here's a picture of brother and sister, Salem & Jade, in their new home together!

Here is a shot of sweet Keesha on her way to be spayed before going to her new forever home! Keesha sure has come a long way since she was dropped off and terrified of everyone! 

Here's Blizzard (now Oliver) asleep in his new forever home. Pink blankets are much more comfy than the snow pile Blizzard was found in!

Here's Kendra being picked up to be brought to her new home across the province! It's because of  the wonderful people who donated to Kendra's recovery that she is now fully recovered from her near death by Hartz Products. We beg you, please never use Hartz products on any animals. Hartz Kills! Kenda is one of the lucky ones.

Jax, the sweet dog tied on outside of Wal-Mart and then re-homed by a "rescuer" and thrown outside, has also found his forever home with a wonderful family. Jax has gone from being a terrified dog abandoned twice, to a wonderful family pet who will be cherished to the end of his days. 

While these animals were all so very lucky to find forever homes, it didn't work out quite so well for 2 of SCAPA's animals. Both Dallas (dog) and Cloud (cat) were placed into homes, but were both given up on and passed back to SCAPA. We are very thankful that Cloud's former foster home agreed to take him back until finding a new home. And Dallas has come back to stay at SCAPA until we can find him a real forever home.

We beg those who are considering getting an animal to think through their decision very carefully. Cloud was returned because the adopter was moving. If you are not willing to take your animal with you when you move please do not get one! These are animals that bond with you, love you and depend on you. They are not furniture to be left behind because they are too difficult to transport. We know there can be extenuating circumstances, but it is your responsibility to find your beloved pet another loving and responsible owner.

Dallas was returned because the child in the house did not like him. DO NOT get a pet for your young child unless you are willing to take on all the responsibility. Do not get a pet based on a passing fancy. Children can, and often will, grow tired with an animal. If you yourself are not committed to that animal for it's entire life (as you are to your child), please do not get one.

It's an unfortunate part of shelter life that the animals can so often be bounced from one so-called home to another. We do our very best to ensure we do not adopt any of our animals to such homes, but unfortunately some slip past and then come back to us. Please help us help them. Don't be a part of this problem. Adopting an animal is never a decision that should be taken lightly.

As the weather warms and babes are born, they are abandoned as well. We have had 4 kittens recently dropped off at SCAPA. Two kittens were dropped off by a man, who simply told us that they would be dumped somewhere else if SCAPA did not take them. These 2 male kittens have been placed in foster care.



The other 2 kittens, 2 females, were found like this one morning at the shelter:

The tied up bin was opened to reveal these beauties:

All of the kittens are in foster care as SCAPA is currently full. 

We beg you, if you cannot help with time, skills, donations or adoptions, PLEASE do not add to the problem. Spay and neuter your pets! It saves lives! 

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

The volunteers of SCAPA have been busy as usual, trying to make a positive difference in the lives of abandoned animals in the Bay St. George area. Unfortunately, it often seems as if we are heading upstream without a paddle. Here are some recent stories from the past few weeks and the lessons that these cases can teach us:

A few weeks ago SCAPA got a call about a sick cat. He was found by a woman who believed his back legs to be broken. She proceeded to put him in her shed with the mindset that she could heal him on her own. He had suffered in her care for 2 days before she called SCAPA. As soon as SCAPA got the call they called the emergency line for our local vet and went to get him straight away. It was immediately clear that his legs were not broken, but that he had an infection. He could barely move due to his sickness. He was rushed to the clinic where he tested positive for FIV/FELV. Unfortunately, he was too far gone to save. In his final moments he was given the name Handsome and was given more love than he probably ever received in his entire life.

LESSON: Unless you are a trained veterinarian, NEVER assume you can heal an animal on your own. If you ever come across a sick or injured animal please call your local shelter or your local veterinarian (they always have an emergency line for after hours) IMMEDIATELY! Good intentions should always be paired with good judgement for a good outcome.

Meet Jax. Jax is a beautiful boarder collie mix (medium sized) who has had a hard time in his short life. He is a male dog, just under a year old, who was left tied outside of Wal Mart. He was taken from there and put into a home by a rescuer. He was kicked out from that home for peeing on the floor and it was said he was to be put down if no home was found. When I picked him up he was extremely nervous, but after spending some time with us he warmed up and showed us how sweet and polite of a dog he really is. It is clear from his demeanour that Jax wasn't always treated kindly.

Jax spent the night with me in my home before going to SCAPA. He was extremely nervous of my dogs, but with short and spaced out visits with them he had warmed up a great deal in the short time he stayed with me. It also became clear that Jax has no issues when it comes to urinating in the house. While it is common for a dog on unfamiliar territory to have an accident, Jax didn't have a single one. In fact, when he needed to pee, he told me immediately by going over to the door that I was taking him in and out of, giving it a good hard sniff and look, then coming over to me, sitting and staring me straight in the face. Anyone who knows their own animal knows this look. I wasn't sure what kind of night I was in for with this strange dog, but he completely won me over. He was calm, gentle and quiet. And he soaked up as much affection as he could get. It was extremely hard for me to let this guy go. I can't imagine a better temperament in a dog. His first day at SCAPA he was extremely nervous of the other dogs, but he was given his own space. By day 2, our sweet girl Roxy had won him over and they became fast friends.

LESSON: To anyone who is a part of rescue or wishes to become a part of a rescue, please screen potential adopters before placing an animal in a home, we beg you! It is not beneficial to an animal, in any way, to bounce from home to home. While some adoptions may fall through, this cannot always be helped, you need to ask questions of those looking to adopt. Jax should have never been placed in a home where he would be thrown out for a simple accident. Also, if you have an animal, please pay attention to what they are trying to communicate. Know your pet. Not all animals are vocal about what they want, but with some simple observation you will quickly learn what they mean.

A few days ago we rescued a very small dog who was taken in at a local retirement home by the kind hearted residents and workers, and nicknamed Cocoa. He was seen roaming the area off and on for a few weeks. Cocoa was a very small and nervous dog, weighing no more than 10lbs, if that. We drove him out to the veterinary clinic in Maidstone, about an hour away, where he was to be fostered with one of the veterinarians. What felt like a good evening's work was quickly shattered. On our drive back we got a call from the veterinarian that Cocoa's owner had posted him on facebook as missing. While finding an owner should be good news it can also leave you with a sinking feeling. The owner stated that she often lets the dog out off leash and he usually comes back. The area Cocoa was found roaming is a very busy street leading out of town in which many folks come into doing highway speeds. Cocoa is also unaltered, so it's quite likely he may impregnate another dog, if he hasn't already, creating more unwanted animals.

LESSON: While not everyone will agree, we believe it is important to keep your pet on a leash when in a populated area. Yes, it was common practice to let your pets roam only a few short decades ago. However, times have changed. Our cities and towns grow more populated. Our streets have become much busier. And the chance of your beloved pet getting struck by a vehicle is much more likely. Even if your pet doesn't usually wander into the street, it only takes once. If something interesting enough is on the other side of the road and there's no-one there to stop him/her, chances are that road is getting crossed. We need to change with the times and not just utter the ignorant phrase, "This is how it always been done."

Furthermore, if your animal isn't fixed for whatever reason, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that it doesn't breed. This means that your pet should only be let out of the house on a leash that has you on the other end of it so that you can stop anything from happening before it begins. Please don't create any more unwanted life, as there is already so much.

We beg you, be part of the solution, not the problem.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


My apologies for those that follow our blog on my 3 week hiatus. So lets get an update on a few things going on with SCAPA!

Beginning With Trooper
As I'm sure most of Trooper's followers know by now, Trooper is back home in Newfoundland and recovering while he stays with his foster mom, Dolores Samms. While he will still need plenty of time and care on his road to a recovery he is improving each day. Every day Trooper does physiotherapy to build back up the muscle in his back leg by walking for short spurts, increasing a bit each day. He is enjoying lounging, playing with his new family (made up of both the human and feline variety), and getting love from his daily visitors. He is basking in the attention, following visitors with his eyes as they enter and not looking away for a moment until they've come over and gave him a proper hello! Trooper really is living up to his name! Please visit our facebook group and Trooper's facebook group for tons of pictures, videos and updates!

Click here to visit
Trooper's Facebook Page.

Or here to visit
SCAPA's Facebook Page.

New Arrivals

Two of our newest arrivals at SCAPA are Keesha and Blizzard.

Keesha is a small and very sweet female dog approximately 1 year of age. She was found being left at the door of SCAPA as the person who dropped her off slunk away. She's a small girl of reddish brown colour. When I first met Keesha she cowered in fear of me, but it only took a few moments with me crouching down to her level, avoiding eye contact and talking to her sweetly and softly with my hand extended for her to sniff for her to realize that I meant no harm. And then came the loving! Lots of kisses were to follow! Keesha has made great progress with her fear and is quickly becoming one of the SCAPA family (yes, they really are a family!). She's now great with cats and her human visitors. If you are interested in Keesha please get in contact with us. We will get a picture posted as soon as we can!

Blizzard is a young male cat who was found in the St.George's area during our last big storm. He was both freezing and starving when a kind man found him and gave him shelter, warmth, food and water overnight until he was able to contact SCAPA and pass him along to us. Blizzard is grey and white, quite fluffy and with one of the most charming temperaments I've come across. If you are looking for a very affectionate kitty, Blizzard may just be for you! We hope to have a picture of him soon (once he stops rolling all over the place for loving and lets us take one!).


If you are in the Stephenville area Saturday, March 24th stop by the College of the North Atlantic to have an 8x10 photo taken of your family, children, or even yourself by Susan Tulk Reid. Proceeds of the 8x10 photo ($10) will go to SCAPA! The shoot starts at 9am and ends at 6:30pm and takes place in Cobham's Dining Room at CNAs main building.

For more information on the shoot, including samples of Susan's work, please visit the facebook event
Spring Portrait Fundraiser Photoshoot.

Thank you everyone for reading and for your support. Until next time, please remember...

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” -Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Trooper Prints

We'd like to give a BIG thank you to artist Crystal Shannon. Crystal has created a beautiful hand drawing of Trooper and is selling the prints to raise money for his on going treatment and medical costs. All profits will go directly to SCAPA.

If you would like to purchase one of these beautiful prints please click here to be taken to Crystal's page: Trooper Prints.

To take a look at Crystal's other beautiful work please visit her website here: C.Shannon Artwork.

I'd also like to draw your attention to the right side of the screen. I have added some pictures of some of the very adoptable cats currently residing at SCAPA. All are looking for forever homes. If you are interested in adopting or fostering one of our lovely animals, please contact us.

Friday, 24 February 2012

While One Lives, Another Dies

As I'm sure most Trooper supporters know by now, Trooper had surgery today at AVC (Atlantic Veterinary College) in Charlottetown, PEI. After showing some signs of improvement regarding the nerve damage in his bladder and tail, the veterinarians decided to go ahead with Trooper's surgery today. While we were initially worried that Trooper would lose both his hind legs, good news came a few short days ago that only one would need to be removed. Trooper's leg was so badly damaged due to the frost bite he endured after spending hours frozen in the ice that they had no choice but to remove it. He was also neutered during the surgery, which lasted 2 1/2 hours. After waking the brave little guy was both groggy and cranky, but who wouldn't be! He is currently resting and his condition is being monitored. Please keep Trooper in your thoughts and prayers while he continues on his road to recovery.

While a sense of relief came with the good news regarding Trooper, SCAPA got hit in the face with a harsh dose of reality this past Wednesday. A large, male cat was brought to SCAPA's doors wrapped up in a box, obviously in very rough shape; bleeding from his private area. He was immediately rushed to our local clinic where Dr. Boyd did everything she could for him. Once he was hooked up to everything available at this small clinic he was then rushed to the fully equipped clinic in Maidestone. Here he took a heart attack. He was resuscitated by Dr. McGregor, but lost again. This beautiful boy did not make it. According to Dr. McGregor of West Coast Veterinary Services, he had a urinary track infection that was simply left for too long without treatment.

Thank you to both Dr. Boyd and Dr. McGregor who gave him the best chance he had. And a BIG THANK YOU to the 2 women who saw this sick boy and took it upon themselves to do something.

Before these caring women saw him, he had been wandering the area for about 1 week. While many people saw him, they assumed he lived in the area so they didn't report him to anyone. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to tell weather a wandering animal has a home, as many people still let their pets wander. We beg you, if you have pets PLEASE keep them inside and only allow them outside on leash and under supervision. You wouldn't let your young child play and wander the streets alone, please don't let your furry friends do so either!

We encourage you, if you see a wandering animal, do not assume it has a home. Get close to the animal, if possible, and check them out for yourselves. And if you aren't completely sure, please call SCAPA or your local rescue. It's better to be safe than sorry. If we had gotten to this sick boy sooner his life may have been spared.

Unfortunately, cases like this are not rare in our area. Please spread the word, educate when the opportunity presents itself, and support your local No-Kill, No-Cage animal shelter. Together we can make a difference!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Trooper's Trip to PEI

When we picked Trooper up at the Humber Valley Veterinary Clinic this morning he was surrounded by some of the friends he's made thus far, basking in the affection of his well wishers. Goodbyes were bitter-sweet. While he will be missed by those who have gotten to know him, everyone was glad to know he was off to get the best care possible at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown, PEI. Thank you so much to Dr. Tibble and the staff at the Humber Valley Veterinary Clinic who looked after Trooper after his initial emergency care. And another big thank you to Dr. Boyde and staff who handled Trooper's emergency care at the WestCoast Veterinary Clinic.

When we arrived at the Deer Lake airport we were greeted by a welcome wagon, consisting of Linda, Krista and Haley, toting a sign and gifts for Trooper and Gwen. It was wonderful to be able to connect with them, in person, for the first time. Trooper was also greeted by staff and a number of curious people in the airport. Trooper's story hasn't only touched many, but it has brought people together as well. New connections have been made for many Animal Rescues and by working together we are sure to make an even bigger impact on the lives of those who need us.

Trooper's trip went well. While he was a bit nervous at take off, he quickly settled down for a nice snooze. On his 2nd flight Trooper was able to stay on the seat next to Gwen, even enjoying the view from the window seat! Once landed, Gwen and Trooper were met by Doug from the PEI Humane Society who escorted them directly to AVC. Thank you Doug for being there for both Gwen and Trooper!

At AVC some initial tests were ran on Trooper and the veterinarians are hopeful. Tomorrow is a holiday in PEI, but they will be scheduling his surgery soon after. More tests will be ran in the mean time. Please continue to keep Trooper in your thoughts and prayers.

And another big thank you to Maureen Ward Steele for the endless hours she has spent arranging hotel and cab services for Gwen.

For more photos and videos of Trooper please visit the SCAPA (No-Kill, No-Cage Animal Shelter) or the Trooper's for Trooper facebook page.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Quick Update on Trooper

Trooper is still in good spirits, eating and drinking lots. Both Gwen and Trooper will be leaving Deer Lake airport tomorrow, Sunday February 19th, at 1:30pm. We would like to give a big thanks to Frances Drover of the Corner Brooke SPCA who arranged Gwen's flight and applied all the donated air miles.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who has supported us throughout it all, none of this would be possible without you. We apologize if we forget to mention anyone in our thanks, and wish we could thank each and every person individually. We've all been a bit like chickens with our heads cut off lately.

You may have noticed that we have increased our ChipIn goal to $9000. When we originally set the goal we were in the dark about what treatment would be required. We are still unaware of an exact amount, but the costs are climbing and we have to consider his on going costs as well. It's amazing to see just how much has been donated already and we can't thank you enough! We have received some news that the ChipIn account has been failing at times. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. It seems that if you continually try it will eventually work, however please see previous posts to find other ways to donate if you are having trouble.

A new facebook group has been started just for Trooper where you can find more pictures and a new video, you can find it by following the link: Troopers for Trooper.

We will be back with an update as soon as we know more!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

In The Loop

I would like to thank everyone for following Trooper's story. We want to keep you in the loop every step of the way as Trooper has touched the hearts of so many kind and caring people. And your outpouring support has touched our hearts as well.

I apologize that some of this information will be repeated updates from yesterday. I missed a few things in the blog and would like to make sure that everyone has the most up to date information directly from us.

Trooper's Current Condition

It has been determined, after Trooper's X-Rays on Monday February 13th, that he has suffered from 3 pelvic fractures and nerve damaged. While his fractures can be corrected, the main concern is the nerve damage that keeps Trooper from having control of his bodily functions. He is currently in veterinary care where he is receiving pain management and is being kept comfortable. While there are still no changes in his condition, he is eating and drinking on his own and is in good spirits.

It has been decided that Trooper will be sent to the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown, PEI to receive further treatment. Gwen Samms, Shelter Manager, will be accompanying Trooper on his trip to PEI. We are still waiting for the arrangements to be made for their flight and will let everyone know, as soon as we do, when they will be making their trip.

Trooper recently had his blood work done and everything is looking good. He has also tested negative for Fiv/Felv. His veterinarian is estimating his age at a little over 1 year old.


We would like to thank everyone who has donated to Trooper. We have been receiving donations from as little as $1 and up, from ALL OVER the world! Remember that NO donation is too small! Trooper's medical care costs are continually rising and we could use all the support we can get.

If you are interested in donating towards Trooper's medical costs please see the previous post to see how you can help!

A Sincere Thanks

Again, we are so grateful for all the support we have been receiving. I would like to take a moment to give a BIG THANK YOU to the COMFORT INN in Charlottetown, PEI. They will be allowing Gwen Samms to stay with them free of charge for as long as she needs! We are unsure of how long that will be at the moment. She will be staying for Trooper's assessment and a decision will be made once we know more.

Helping An Animal In Need

While Trooper's story is heart breaking, we hope that something positive can come from it; a chance for people to learn how they can help an animal in need. PLEASE, we beg you, if you see an injured, abandoned, or stray animal DO NOT turn your back on it. YOU can save a life. There is no joy like the joy that comes from knowing you made a real & positive difference in the life of another being.

There are a number of ways in which you can help:

-Provide shelter for strays.

Learn how to build an easy shelter by following the link: Feral Cat Shelters.

-Provide strays with food. What about the dinner left on your plate you were about to throw out? Or the leftovers from last night's supper. There's always a hungry belly that could use it!

-Get in contact with your local shelter or rescue. There are MANY WAYS in which they can use your help. Be it foster care, dog walking, creating promotional material, fundraising or just spreading the word. There's ALWAYS something you can do! The list is endless.

-Start a TNR (Trap, Neuter & Release) program in your area. TNR WORKS! It is the humane way to take control of the feral cat population.

-SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR ANIMAL. This cannot be stressed enough! We all need to take responsibility for our own pets. If everyone would do just this one thing the stray population would be reduced dramatically.

-Don't shop, ADOPT! There's an abandoned animal out there to suit each and every person's needs and wants. Using a website like Petfinder you can find your perfect companion. A rescued animal will be forever grateful and bond with you like no other.

Begin your search here: Pet Finder.

-If you find an injured animal, please investigate. Provide it with food, water, shelter and warmth while you contact your local shelter or rescue. If it is past business hours use your local veterinarian's emergency line, or any other emergency line (such as the police or fire station). They will put you in contact with the right people after hours! DO NOT give up until you get in contact with someone! And ALWAYS leave a message while you continue to search!

If you are unsure of what you can do to help you can always use Google searches to help you find answers. Or contact a local rescue. Or contact us! We will always take the time to point you in the right direction!

I mentioned volunteering for a local rescue earlier and I would like to put out a plea for volunteers in our area, and beyond. SCAPA is only a small collection of volunteers in the Bay St. George area of Newfoundland and we could always use more! If you are interested in volunteering with us please contact us. All of our contact information is listed on the right side of this page.

Please, Help Us Help The Animals!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Trooper Update & Other Recent Events

We, at SCAPA, would like to thank everyone who has donated to Trooper's medical costs thus far and to all of those who have kept him in their thoughts and prayers. A VERY BIG thank you to Scaredy Cat Rescue who has been with us every step of the way in helping Trooper.

Trooper is currently having arrangements made to have him sent to a vet clinic in PEI. His veterinarian believes this is the best facility for him to have the fighting chance he deserves! There is a VERY GOOD chance that Trooper will pull through! Thank you so much to everyone who had kept Trooper in their thoughts and prayers. And thank you to those who have donated. Please keep the donations coming, remember that every little bit helps! This is going to be VERY costly! There are a number of ways in which you can donate:

1) Follow this link to donate to Trooper via ChipIn: http://trooper.chipin.com/trooper-scapa

2) You can make an email money transfer to the following email address: jaimebourgeois@hotmail.com

3) Drop by SCAPA (15 Utah Drive) with your donation.

4) If you are in the Deer Lake area you can drop by Deer Lake Foodland to make your donation.

***We ask that you donate through SCAPA (Bay St. George Animal Shelter), SCR (Corner Brooke Scaredy Cat Rescue) or at Deer Lake Foodland. Please do not donate through any other organization. If any other organization would like to collect on Trooper's behalf please get in contact with us.

In other news...

We recently had a Valentine's Bake Sale to raise money for SCAPAs vet bills. We asked the public to make donations of baked goods and we set up in the Stephenville Plaza with these items. I would like to give a big thank you to those who have donated: Rhonda Barry, Samantha Young, Kelly Flynn, Karen Pike, Ann Marie Gaudet and to the other anonymous donors! We made $230 from this bake sale and every penny of it will go towards SCAPAs vet bills.

Remember that real change happens in small steps, with individuals, small groups and big hearts! We CAN change the world!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

What To Do In An Emergency Situation

On Saturday Morning (Feb. 11th) SCAPA got an emergency call regarding a cat who was believed to have both legs broken. This cat had spent all night, unable to move, in someone's driveway. When Dolores and Gwen approached, the cat hissed (as any injured animal would do), but once they gave him some food and showed them they were there to help by petting him gently and speaking to him softly, he was more than happy to accept their aid. What they then came to realize was heart-breaking.

The cat was literally frozen in the ice on the driveway overnight. Both of his back paws/legs and rear end were frozen in ice. Several buckets of warm water were required to free this poor creature. Once freed they wrapped him in a warm blanket and rushed him off to the veterinarian.

Once at the vet clinic he received warm saline solution via IV and was wrapped in blankets and heating pads. The circulation has begin to come back to one of his hind legs. Here he was aptly named Trooper. Trooper will be heading to Corner Brook tomorrow for some X-Rays where it can be further decided what medical care he needs.

The story of Trooper brings up a point well worth discussing: What do you do when you find an animal in desperate need of help.

Whatever you do, DO NOT just leave the animal there to fend for itself!

You can:

-Get as close to the animal as possible to see what the issue is. A hurt animal will most likely give you a warning (hiss or growl) in an attempt to protect itself. You can take the time to approach slowly, with food, to show you mean no harm. If it's cold and exposed to the elements you can cover it with a blanket while you get help.

-Contact SCAPA. 643-2811 and LEAVE A MESSAGE! But don't stop there...

-If it's after hours and you cannot get a hold of SCAPA there are other places you can call that will get in contact with SCAPAs volunteers any hour of the day/night.
These places are:
Police Station 643-2118 or 643-2119
Fire Station 643-2176
Local Vet Clinic (they have an emergency line!) 283-3200

PLEASE, whatever you do, do not leave an injured animal to fend for itself. While we are a small shelter and cannot help every animal in need, we will NEVER allow an animal to suffer the way Trooper did. We will ALWAYS find a way to help.

Trooper's story could have had a very different ending. And his fight isn't over yet. We will keep everyone posted on his situation. If you would like to donate to Trooper's medical bills you can get in contact with us or do so one of the following ways:

Anyone from the Corner Brook area wishing to donate money can drop it off at Alteen's Jewellery on Broadway, in an envelope labelled with his name.

You can call the vet clinic at 709-283-3002 to make a credit card donations over the phone.

Or send an email transfer to janh1@nl.rogers.com , sending a separate email with the answer to the security question. The same email can be used for PayPal transfers.

We will be updating the paypal and email information some time tomorrow. This is a trusted volunteer's account being used temporarily while we set up our own Paypal.

Help Us Help Trooper!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Dog Behaviour at SCAPA

It has recently come to my attention that there is a common misconception about our dogs at SCAPA and their behaviour. As someone who is very interested in dog training and behaviour I would like to address this issue and clear up any concerns that may prevent people from adopting one of our great four-legged friends.

Misconception: Our dogs bark when people approach therefore they are aggressive.

This is not the case. Yes, our dogs do bark when people approach the shelter. This is typical dog behaviour and is NOT a sign of aggression.

Dogs bark for a number of reasons, some of the main reasons our dogs bark are as follows:

Territorial Barking: Bottom line, SCAPA is their territory. Their home. They bark to alert others (dogs and workers) to the presence of visitors. While there isn't a single aggressive dog at SCAPA, we do have a few shy dogs who are afraid of strangers due to their past circumstances. These shy dogs engage in territorial barking as a way of alerting you to stay away from them. However, with a little attention and showing them you mean no harm they will warm up to you.

Attention Seeking Barking: This is as straight forward as it sounds, some dogs bark at people or other animals to gain attention or rewards, like food, toys or play. Rewarding this behaviour will encourage this type of barking.

Greeting Barking: Some dogs bark simply to say hello. You can generally tell this is a greeting bark by his body language; relaxed, wagging tail, excited behaviour.

Socially Facilitated Barking: Some dogs will bark because they hear other dogs barking. Dogs are social animals and this is very natural. At SCAPA we currently have 14 dogs. So when one begins to bark most of the others begin to join in. They may even do this when they hear dogs barking off in the distance.

All of these behaviours are also seen in most dogs, not just shelter dogs. While training can reduce the amount of barking, it will NOT eliminate barking altogether. Barking is a way of communication for a dog, like speaking is for us, and to expect them to never bark is not only unrealistic, but it is a denial of their very nature. For those who expect a dog never to bark I suggest that you re-consider owning a dog. Please keep in mind that certain breeds are more inclined to bark than others. For some it is part of what they were bred to do. It is hard-wired within them, it is instinct. And training NEVER trumps instinct.

(Please note that because of the number of dogs we have and the nature of a shelter we do not do barking related training with our dogs. This type of training is best done once a dog has been adopted into a forever home.)

If you are interested in adopting any of our dogs and have concerns about their behaviour please inform us so that we can address the issue and clear up any misconceptions you may have. Often times meeting the dog is enough to show you how friendly and harmless our dogs are. If you would like to meet one of our dogs we can set up a time to do so. You can even take the dog on a walk to get to know him/her a little better.

If you do not know what a behaviour means, do not assume. Find out!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Safe and Sound

While there are currently no long term placements available at SCAPA for abandoned cats it doesn't stop the volunteers and caring individuals from finding a warm and safe place for these, otherwise hopeless, animals.

By reaching out, not only to the Bay St.George area, but to the entire province and occasionally beyond, SCAPA is able to continue helping animals in need.

Some recent success stories:

Allie, the kitten rescued yesterday and featured in our previous post, is now safe in a foster home with Julia in the Corner Brook area.

This is Shawna, who was recently abandoned outside in this cold weather. She was originally thought to be pregnant, but after her vet check up we were relieved to find out that she wasn't. She tested negative for Fiv/Felv, has been spayed and vaccinated. Shawna is now warm and safe in foster care with Sonya in the Corner Brook area.

Remember Cloud? Here she is in her foster home. She has recently been tested, spayed and vaccinated and returned to her foster mom, Hollee.

Thanks to Sonya & Julia for taking these animals into your home and keeping them safe. And a special thanks to Hollee and her boyfriend, who met Gwen half way to Corner Brook to transfer these beautiful girls to their foster homes!

Now a tale of a forever home. Meet Smokey, a 5 year old indoor, male, neutered cat who was recently tossed outside without a second thought because a child had come into the picture. Smokey lived in the warmth for 5 years until one winter's day he was tossed outside and never permitted back indoors. It wasn't long after we caught wind of Smokey's story and people began to share it through the online community of facebook, that Viola stepped forward and gave this gorgeous little guy a forever home. Smokey is now living well with Viola and her family, passing his time watching the fish bowl, following his new family around and taking turns sleeping with the 4 children despite having his own bed. Thank you for opening your heart and your home Viola!

Thank you to everyone who made the lives of these 4 cats better with your kindness. What could have been 4 very sad endings have become 4 hopeful beginnings.

When you think on the successful endings and new beginnings created because of SCAPA, I urge you to remember that this is only possible because of individuals, like yourself, willing to give something back and care about the life of another.

“Sometimes I would like to ask God why He allows poverty, suffering, and injustice when He could do something about it. But I’m afraid He would ask me the same question.” -Anonymous

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

URGENT: Foster or forever home needed.

Meet Allie:

Allie is a 6 month old female cat that was rescued just this morning by SCAPA. Allie had been tossed out, as her owners were moving, and left behind to fend for herself. SCAPA got wind of her situation this morning and rescued her from the cold. She was immediately brought to the vet clinic where she tested negative for Fiv/Felv and then vaccinated.

Allie is very sweet despite her situation. An immediate foster or forever home needs to be found for Allie. If you can open your heart and home to her please contact us. If you cannot, please spread the word.

A sincere thanks from SCAPA & Allie!

Monday, 23 January 2012

A Trip To The Vet

While the season of spending more than you have has ended for most, it certainly hasn't for SCAPA. For each successful re-homing of an animal, there are many more that need our help. Visiting the veterinarian is part of keeping the animals healthy and ensuring the best possible chance for them at a new life.

Anyone who has owned an animal knows how costly vet fees can be. With animals both in the shelter and in foster care needing check-ups, shots, tests, and surgeries the bills pile up rather quickly.

We have 6 animals currently needing veterinarian care, their appointments are set for January 25th. These animals are as follows:

Ozzie, 6 month old male cat, needs: Test for Fiv/Felv, vaccination, neutering, and worm treatment.

Neko, 6 month old male cat, needs: Test for Fiv/Felv, vaccination, neutering, and worm treatment.

Sissy, 1yr old female cat, needs: Test for Fiv/Felv, vaccination, spaying, and worm treatment.

Bella, 6 month old female, cat needs: Test for Fiv/Felv, vaccination, spaying, and worm treatment.

Cloud, 6 month old female cat, needs: Test for Fiv/Felv, vaccination, spaying, and worm treatment.

Roxy, 2 year old female dog, needs: Check-up, vaccination, spaying, and worm treatment.

As SCAPA is a 100% volunteer organization we do not have such luxuries has having a veterinarian on staff. These vet visits will cost SCAPA approximately $1200. I have included some donation information on the right hand side of the page for anyone inclined to donate. There are several options listed. And all donations are tax deductible! We also are planning a bake sale around Valentine's to help with some of these costs (more information on that when the details are ironed out).

Please remember the support of the community and SCAPA volunteers allows us to keep saving the lives of abandoned and abused animals in the Bay St. George area!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

See For Yourself

I'd like to take a post to talk about some of the misconceptions surrounding SCAPA.

Unfortunately, in a small town, the rumour mill is strong and the words of others can have a devastating effect. As stories are passed around the community in what seems to be a never ending game of telephone, we're left wondering where these stories originated and why isn't anyone bothering to come find out for themselves?

This is something I encourage everyone to do. In fact, it wasn't until I did this very thing that my entire opinion surrounding SCAPA had changed.

Like so many others, I fell for the rumours. I believed that SCAPA was over crowded, that it was dirty, that the animals were unhealthy, and that we would perhaps do better with a government funded shelter, the SPCA. How wrong I was!

Once I finally went to see for myself and spent sometime in the shelter, with the animals and with Gwen and Dolores, who spend their days volunteering and running the shelter, my thinking did a complete 180.

While I can sit here and tell you that there is no over-crowding and the animals all have plenty of space and comfort, they are vet treated, that while the building is an old building it is cleaned on a daily basis and renovations made as needed and that because we have SCAPA instead of an SPCA all of our animals have plenty of time to find a forever home suited to their needs, I encourage you to go find out for yourself. It's only once people open up their minds to the truth that they can begin to help make a difference!

Volunteering with SCAPA has made a positive difference in my life. Nothing feels better than helping those in need. If you are interested in volunteering please get in contact with us.

(If you are interested in stopping by please do so between 2-4pm. While there are volunteers on site at other times, they are too busy with the daily tasks of the shelter to take visitors until these hours.)

Monday, 16 January 2012

A New Beginning

Hey folks! It's been a while since the blog has been updated, so I'd like to let you know what's going on. Beginning with this post, I will be taking over the writing of the blog. My name is Jaime and I am a shelter volunteer. A big thank you to Linda, who created and wrote for this blog prior!

I've changed the layout a little so I'd just like to draw your attention to a few things. Over on the right we have a few photos of some of our beautiful animals that are currently up for adoption. If you click on their picture you will be brought to our Flickr page where you can see more photos, as well as get some information on the individual animal itself. I will continually be adding to this section.

Below the pictures you will find our contact information. You may notice we have a new email address added. This email will get you in contact with myself. If you would prefer to speak to our Shelter Manager, Gwen Samms, her email is listed there as well. And if you'd like to do things the old fashion way you can call the shelter directly during day time hours.

Now, back to what you're all here for, the animals! They all had a wonderful Christmas! We had some great donations over the holiday season from some very kind people who kept the Christmas spirit alive. A special thanks to each and every one of you!

Some more great news, a recent adoption. A little dog, named Shaky, was adopted this past week. Shaky was found wandering in a neighbourhood, wet and cold, begging to be fed. The wonderful ladies of SCAPA picked him up, got him vet checked, cleared up his fleas, stuffed his belly and showed him that not all humans should be feared. Shaky will now be living with the Follett family in Robinsons!

More good news! Meet Cloud, a female kitten who was found abandoned by Kippens River. Those who found her and temporarily homed her were going to have her put down very soon if a home couldn't be found. A big thanks to Hollee in Corner Brook, who contacted SCAPA and agreed to foster this little gal. This is Cloud on her way to her new foster home.

While these 2 have had the luck of finding a home, be it temporary or permanent, I'd like to remind everyone that there are many more still looking for homes. There are still animals that need help, vet care, food, shelter and love. If you are able to donate I encourage you to do so. Remember that no amount is too small! And if you cannot donate, there are other ways to help. Volunteer your time, your skills, or help spread the word!

A special thanks to Mr. Simon, who did just that. SCAPA recently had a new heater installed and needed it hooked up to the thermostat. Mr.Simon volunteered his skills as an electrician and did the job.

I'd like to thank everyone for reading & supporting. Remember, together we can make a difference!