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SCAPA is a NO-kill, NO-cage animal shelter serving the Bay St. George area of Western Newfoundland. SCAPA survives solely on the support of the community and it's volunteers.

Thursday, 15 March 2012


My apologies for those that follow our blog on my 3 week hiatus. So lets get an update on a few things going on with SCAPA!

Beginning With Trooper
As I'm sure most of Trooper's followers know by now, Trooper is back home in Newfoundland and recovering while he stays with his foster mom, Dolores Samms. While he will still need plenty of time and care on his road to a recovery he is improving each day. Every day Trooper does physiotherapy to build back up the muscle in his back leg by walking for short spurts, increasing a bit each day. He is enjoying lounging, playing with his new family (made up of both the human and feline variety), and getting love from his daily visitors. He is basking in the attention, following visitors with his eyes as they enter and not looking away for a moment until they've come over and gave him a proper hello! Trooper really is living up to his name! Please visit our facebook group and Trooper's facebook group for tons of pictures, videos and updates!

Click here to visit
Trooper's Facebook Page.

Or here to visit
SCAPA's Facebook Page.

New Arrivals

Two of our newest arrivals at SCAPA are Keesha and Blizzard.

Keesha is a small and very sweet female dog approximately 1 year of age. She was found being left at the door of SCAPA as the person who dropped her off slunk away. She's a small girl of reddish brown colour. When I first met Keesha she cowered in fear of me, but it only took a few moments with me crouching down to her level, avoiding eye contact and talking to her sweetly and softly with my hand extended for her to sniff for her to realize that I meant no harm. And then came the loving! Lots of kisses were to follow! Keesha has made great progress with her fear and is quickly becoming one of the SCAPA family (yes, they really are a family!). She's now great with cats and her human visitors. If you are interested in Keesha please get in contact with us. We will get a picture posted as soon as we can!

Blizzard is a young male cat who was found in the St.George's area during our last big storm. He was both freezing and starving when a kind man found him and gave him shelter, warmth, food and water overnight until he was able to contact SCAPA and pass him along to us. Blizzard is grey and white, quite fluffy and with one of the most charming temperaments I've come across. If you are looking for a very affectionate kitty, Blizzard may just be for you! We hope to have a picture of him soon (once he stops rolling all over the place for loving and lets us take one!).


If you are in the Stephenville area Saturday, March 24th stop by the College of the North Atlantic to have an 8x10 photo taken of your family, children, or even yourself by Susan Tulk Reid. Proceeds of the 8x10 photo ($10) will go to SCAPA! The shoot starts at 9am and ends at 6:30pm and takes place in Cobham's Dining Room at CNAs main building.

For more information on the shoot, including samples of Susan's work, please visit the facebook event
Spring Portrait Fundraiser Photoshoot.

Thank you everyone for reading and for your support. Until next time, please remember...

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” -Mahatma Gandhi

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