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SCAPA is a NO-kill, NO-cage animal shelter serving the Bay St. George area of Western Newfoundland. SCAPA survives solely on the support of the community and it's volunteers.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Trooper Update & Other Recent Events

We, at SCAPA, would like to thank everyone who has donated to Trooper's medical costs thus far and to all of those who have kept him in their thoughts and prayers. A VERY BIG thank you to Scaredy Cat Rescue who has been with us every step of the way in helping Trooper.

Trooper is currently having arrangements made to have him sent to a vet clinic in PEI. His veterinarian believes this is the best facility for him to have the fighting chance he deserves! There is a VERY GOOD chance that Trooper will pull through! Thank you so much to everyone who had kept Trooper in their thoughts and prayers. And thank you to those who have donated. Please keep the donations coming, remember that every little bit helps! This is going to be VERY costly! There are a number of ways in which you can donate:

1) Follow this link to donate to Trooper via ChipIn: http://trooper.chipin.com/trooper-scapa

2) You can make an email money transfer to the following email address: jaimebourgeois@hotmail.com

3) Drop by SCAPA (15 Utah Drive) with your donation.

4) If you are in the Deer Lake area you can drop by Deer Lake Foodland to make your donation.

***We ask that you donate through SCAPA (Bay St. George Animal Shelter), SCR (Corner Brooke Scaredy Cat Rescue) or at Deer Lake Foodland. Please do not donate through any other organization. If any other organization would like to collect on Trooper's behalf please get in contact with us.

In other news...

We recently had a Valentine's Bake Sale to raise money for SCAPAs vet bills. We asked the public to make donations of baked goods and we set up in the Stephenville Plaza with these items. I would like to give a big thank you to those who have donated: Rhonda Barry, Samantha Young, Kelly Flynn, Karen Pike, Ann Marie Gaudet and to the other anonymous donors! We made $230 from this bake sale and every penny of it will go towards SCAPAs vet bills.

Remember that real change happens in small steps, with individuals, small groups and big hearts! We CAN change the world!


  1. Sharing to my s/n friends with love and *PRAYERS* for brave Trooper<3 who has my heart!

  2. So glad to hear this good news! Bless you all, everyone, and especially Trooper. He's a trooper all right, with everything he's been through. Helping each other, people and our animal friends and companions from the wildest to the most domesticated. We're all in life together. Thank you! :)

  3. When I first found out about Trooper I was hysterically crying for hours until I read that he is in the BEST care and that he will be OK! Now my tears are of happiness! God bless Trooper and thank you SCAPA! I have shared Trooper's story everywhere. ♥♥♥

  4. I am so happy Trooper is getting better but look forward to hearing one day he has completely recovered from this tragic ordeal,also i would like to say the owners should be charged with animal neglect and abuse,whilst they slept in their warm beds Trooper suffered unimaginal pain in sub zero temps which was avoidable!

    1. Just to be clear the people who's driveway he was in were not the owners, no-one has stepped forward to claim Trooper as their own. We believe he was a stray for some time, but definitely not all his life as he is very accepting of love and affection.