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Saturday, 16 June 2012

So Much To Catch Up On: Part 1

Love Is In The Air

With the warmer weather seems to come increased adoptions and, unfortunately, increased drop-offs. Here are a few of our recent adoptions:

Hobo (now Diago) is in a wonderful new home with 2 doggie brothers, a large, fenced in back yard and 2 parents who love him tremendously!

Here's a picture of brother and sister, Salem & Jade, in their new home together!

Here is a shot of sweet Keesha on her way to be spayed before going to her new forever home! Keesha sure has come a long way since she was dropped off and terrified of everyone! 

Here's Blizzard (now Oliver) asleep in his new forever home. Pink blankets are much more comfy than the snow pile Blizzard was found in!

Here's Kendra being picked up to be brought to her new home across the province! It's because of  the wonderful people who donated to Kendra's recovery that she is now fully recovered from her near death by Hartz Products. We beg you, please never use Hartz products on any animals. Hartz Kills! Kenda is one of the lucky ones.

Jax, the sweet dog tied on outside of Wal-Mart and then re-homed by a "rescuer" and thrown outside, has also found his forever home with a wonderful family. Jax has gone from being a terrified dog abandoned twice, to a wonderful family pet who will be cherished to the end of his days. 

While these animals were all so very lucky to find forever homes, it didn't work out quite so well for 2 of SCAPA's animals. Both Dallas (dog) and Cloud (cat) were placed into homes, but were both given up on and passed back to SCAPA. We are very thankful that Cloud's former foster home agreed to take him back until finding a new home. And Dallas has come back to stay at SCAPA until we can find him a real forever home.

We beg those who are considering getting an animal to think through their decision very carefully. Cloud was returned because the adopter was moving. If you are not willing to take your animal with you when you move please do not get one! These are animals that bond with you, love you and depend on you. They are not furniture to be left behind because they are too difficult to transport. We know there can be extenuating circumstances, but it is your responsibility to find your beloved pet another loving and responsible owner.

Dallas was returned because the child in the house did not like him. DO NOT get a pet for your young child unless you are willing to take on all the responsibility. Do not get a pet based on a passing fancy. Children can, and often will, grow tired with an animal. If you yourself are not committed to that animal for it's entire life (as you are to your child), please do not get one.

It's an unfortunate part of shelter life that the animals can so often be bounced from one so-called home to another. We do our very best to ensure we do not adopt any of our animals to such homes, but unfortunately some slip past and then come back to us. Please help us help them. Don't be a part of this problem. Adopting an animal is never a decision that should be taken lightly.

As the weather warms and babes are born, they are abandoned as well. We have had 4 kittens recently dropped off at SCAPA. Two kittens were dropped off by a man, who simply told us that they would be dumped somewhere else if SCAPA did not take them. These 2 male kittens have been placed in foster care.



The other 2 kittens, 2 females, were found like this one morning at the shelter:

The tied up bin was opened to reveal these beauties:

All of the kittens are in foster care as SCAPA is currently full. 

We beg you, if you cannot help with time, skills, donations or adoptions, PLEASE do not add to the problem. Spay and neuter your pets! It saves lives! 

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