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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Trooper's Trip to PEI

When we picked Trooper up at the Humber Valley Veterinary Clinic this morning he was surrounded by some of the friends he's made thus far, basking in the affection of his well wishers. Goodbyes were bitter-sweet. While he will be missed by those who have gotten to know him, everyone was glad to know he was off to get the best care possible at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown, PEI. Thank you so much to Dr. Tibble and the staff at the Humber Valley Veterinary Clinic who looked after Trooper after his initial emergency care. And another big thank you to Dr. Boyde and staff who handled Trooper's emergency care at the WestCoast Veterinary Clinic.

When we arrived at the Deer Lake airport we were greeted by a welcome wagon, consisting of Linda, Krista and Haley, toting a sign and gifts for Trooper and Gwen. It was wonderful to be able to connect with them, in person, for the first time. Trooper was also greeted by staff and a number of curious people in the airport. Trooper's story hasn't only touched many, but it has brought people together as well. New connections have been made for many Animal Rescues and by working together we are sure to make an even bigger impact on the lives of those who need us.

Trooper's trip went well. While he was a bit nervous at take off, he quickly settled down for a nice snooze. On his 2nd flight Trooper was able to stay on the seat next to Gwen, even enjoying the view from the window seat! Once landed, Gwen and Trooper were met by Doug from the PEI Humane Society who escorted them directly to AVC. Thank you Doug for being there for both Gwen and Trooper!

At AVC some initial tests were ran on Trooper and the veterinarians are hopeful. Tomorrow is a holiday in PEI, but they will be scheduling his surgery soon after. More tests will be ran in the mean time. Please continue to keep Trooper in your thoughts and prayers.

And another big thank you to Maureen Ward Steele for the endless hours she has spent arranging hotel and cab services for Gwen.

For more photos and videos of Trooper please visit the SCAPA (No-Kill, No-Cage Animal Shelter) or the Trooper's for Trooper facebook page.


  1. We love you Trooper! You are in the best care and you are loved by so many! How I wish I could give you a big kiss! Sending prayers for a full recovery. ♥♥♥

  2. I will continue to pray for you Trooper. I believe that you will make a full recovery. Would like to meet you when you get back

  3. You are in my prayers Trooper. Sending you love from across the oceans<3