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Sunday, 8 May 2011

FERAL CATS Send Requests to Howley Mayor & Council

Howley, located in Newfoundland, Canada is about to be put on the map...for better, or for worse. Whether this turns out to be a good thing, or a less than positive thing for the town all depends on the future actions of its mayor and council, and how said mayor and council handles their feral cat population.

SCAPA Animal Welfare Group in Stephenville, Newfoundland, the URth ORDER of the BLACK ROSE, RUFFFF WARRIORS, and even the ANIMAL LIBERATION FRONT are mobilizing all resources and contacts to save these cats.

The Problem: Gwen Samms of SCAPA, in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Animal Alliance had gone into Howley to save their feral cat population and to put them through a trap-neuter-release program. All international animal rights groups choose this action to prevent ferals from reproducing.

Instead of thanking SCAPA and Aniaml Alliance for their generosity the Town's Mayor & Council got their shorts in a knot, probably because they failed to provide the necessuties of life for these, their own, little creatures.

Howley Mayor and Council took the perspective that this was done without their permission. Sorry folks, when it comes to saving lives we do NOT ask anyone's permission. Cruelty and suffering are everybody's business. If you saw a child- molester hurting a baby would you intervene? Of course you would. The same law applies to animals.

In response, the Mayor & Council decided thay would MURDER THE VICTIMS !

The feral cats of Howley, Newfoundland request that the Mayor and Council take a different approach...one of LOVE and LIFE AFFIRMING. They make the following requests:

1)That the Mayor and Council withdraw its declaration of war against the Town's feral cat population.
2)...That present and future ferals in Howley, Newfoundland be granted a stay of execution, and be granted the right to live their lives unmolested.
3)...That Howley's Mayor & Council financially subsidize all future Spay-Neuter-Release programs for its feral cat colony.
4)...That the Mayor and Council put into effect a program to provide adequate housing for its feral cat population. This could be a community project, with student and volunteers helping, and lumber companies making donations of materials.The effort could unite the Town under a banner of love.
5)...That the Mayor and Council, of Howley, Newfoundland, Canada pass a resolution to provide its feral population with a monthly grant, to be used by care-givers to purchase "Food for Ferals".
6)..,That the Mayor and Council stand to any medical veterinary bills of the colony.
7)...That in future the Mayor and Council of Howley, Newfoundland, Canada practice LOVE and LIFE AFFIRMING actions in their relationship wit all of URth's creatures who are under our Guardianship.

I beg Howley Mayor and Council to rise to this occasion in a positive way.

The eyes of the free world, and beyond, are on your little town. Do you want to be seen as another Whistler?

The MEDIA MACHINE has been mobilized. TV stations, radio stations, animal welfare groups, animal liberation groups, and newspapers across the continent all await your actions...with bated breath.

Fingers are poised to send messages around the world via TWITTER and FaceBook.

Howley. it is your move....or to quote Meat Loaf, "What's It Gonna Be Boy"?

If you press that button to murder those cats, you will bring down upon your head the wrath of animal lovers around the world.

May I suggest, instead, that you consider the requests made for the feral cat colony, and that you choose LIFE instead of DEATH for them?

The URth ORDER of the BLACK ROSE is dedicated to the protection of the URth's feral cats, and intend to be their voice in this situation.

See us at http://order-of-the-black-rose.blogspot.com/

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