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SCAPA is a NO-kill, NO-cage animal shelter serving the Bay St. George area of Western Newfoundland. SCAPA survives solely on the support of the community and it's volunteers.

Friday, 29 April 2011

We Need FUR-ever Homes

Zeus is waiting....and waiting...waiting for a FUR-ever Mom or Dad to take him home.

Sasha & Homer want FUR-ever homes.

Hi ,my name is SAGO and I am hoping that someone out there in computer land will see how handsome and sweet I am and will welcome me into their heart and home...You see my family tossed me out of my home..Instead of taking me to the vet to have something done, called neutering so I wouldn't smell they just tossed me out like I had no feeling or wasn't worth anything..It was very cold (winter) when they threw me away.I was hungry and cold all the time.I was always trying to find food and a warm safe place to keep warm so I didn't have time to groom myself and my once beautiful fur became shabby and my skin began to hurt because all of the fur on my back became matted and was pulling my skin... I was scared and oh so tired all the time,my body ached from hunger and matted fur.I was loosing weight and hope each day that passed.I missed my home but most of all I missed being loved...I don't understand why my family just threw me away..Didn't they know how much I loved them,didn't they care about me,are they not worried about me?I guess not because they wouldn't let me back in my home no matter how many times I begged them when they came to the door.. Thank god a nice lady found me and called SCAPA...The volunteers at SCAPA came and rescued me from the cold mean streets and took me to the shelter...As you can see I am once again a beautiful big boy...well thats what the volunteers tell me every day.My skin doesn't hurt anymore because the volunteers cut away that big mat that was on my back..I have gained weight and my fur is beautiful once again. The volunteers took me to the vet where they did a test for something called Fiv/Felv and I am negative (They tell me that is good news),then I was NEUTERED,vaccinated, given worm treatment .. I am so happy to be safe ,warm and loved once again here at SCAPA...I worked hard posing for all these photos in hopes someone will see just how loving,sweet and precious I am and come and adopt me...SCAPA would like to save more kitties that are down on their luck just like I was but in order to save more they need loving people to adopt us.... And I wouldn't mind going to a loving FURever home to make room at SCAPA for more kitties in need.....PLEASE ADOPT ME,I PROMISE TO LOVE YOU FOREVER.. My number here at SCAPA is 709-643-2811 Hope to see you soon,with love from Sago....
Cuddle Bugs


My name is Pepper, and I am very grateful to the SCAPA Animal Shelter for rescuing me.

But, my agony is not yet over. I have a growth on my back, and it hurts. Sometimes I whimper at night, but I do not want to disturb the other animals so I try not to do it too loudly.

I am four years old and they say that I am a grey brindle color, and that I am very handsome.

I am a little shy, but also gentle and sweet....I would make a great companion for you if you would allow me into your home and your heart.

Meanwhile, can you please help me to get the surgery that I need?

I will ask the Shelter Manager to put this in our blog, hoping that someone might want me, or help me.



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